For me, diabetes is continually unexpected. From it’s arrival in your life to the results on my blood glucose machine to the complications that may result. Diabetes is consistently unexpected for me. However this has actually turned out well for preparing me for life as an adult. Even more life as a teacher. 
When the unexpected hits I have learnt over the years to take a deep breath, deal with it and move on. High blood sugar? Correct. Run out of test strips? Pharmacy visit. Not only has diabetes taught me to be highly organised it has taught me to be flexible. It has taught me resilience and it has taught me that the unexpected doesn’t always mean bad news. Equip yourself to deal with the unexpected. Make yourself ‘unflappable’. Soon you’ll be thanking diabetes for all the curve balls it throws at you as you are able to cope with the adult world. Broken washing machine? Implement the dealing with a high blood sugar reaction and suddenly it doesn’t seem so bad. 
However, don’t get me wrong I don’t glide through life with diabetes. I struggle with brushing my teething on a night and then an unexpected low hits and suddenly I’m having lucozade. I plan to go for a run to lose some weight and suddenly I’m low and chugging calories. We can’t plan for the unexpected, but we can learn how to deal with it. Most of all embrace the unexpected. I didn’t expect that the #doc / #gbdoc would provide me with such a wonderful network of people and friends all who I met online and instantly had something in common with.