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Before you start reading, worry not, there will be no expletives in the following blog post. There will however be confusion, frustration and unpredictability caused by changing basal insulin rates. For insulin pump users the basal is our background insulin which keeps us ticking along and is delivered every few minutes by an insulin pump. Throughout the day the level of insulin delivered may, most likely will, change. And what’s more throughout the month us women may have more than one basal profile. 

I am used to having two basal profiles which work for me. They keep me in range. I have one which is substantially higher than the other for those tough hormonal weeks. However recently strange going ons have occurred with my basal. 

The first incident occurred at the start of March. Out of the blue I was constantly hypo, I hadn’t changed my exercise, I hadn’t done anything different, yet I was low. I changed my basal and changed it some more. Resulting in a drop of 8 units of insulin for my total basal rate. Quite the reduction. Quite the drop in insulin. My total daily dose (including bolus) is usual around 40 units so I had reduced my weekly insulin by about 1.5days. Still no reason for this. 

Then began the creep about 6 weeks later. I noticed I was stuck in the 8mmols and there came the next change. Gradually adding back in the insulin across the day, particularly in the morning and between 3-6pm. 

Now I’m struggling with my over nights. Each night I’m going to bed around 5mmols, yet my Dexcom is alterting me to high blood sugars at about 2am. So far I’ve increased (and increased again) my basal rate from 11am to 4am. But still I’m spiking to 14mmol over night. Unless I have developed some secret eating I cannot phantom why, despite many theories about how my diabetes is trying to sabotage my Diasend data pre clinic visit. Previously I have always had lows through out the night. Never highs. Each basal increase is making no difference leaving me to think… What The Basal is going on?! The basal struggle is real and I can’t wait to get this sorted and return to some smooth sailing on the Dexcom.