Three cheers for the #DOC

I have to begin with an admission. I thought the internet and land of Twitter was full of busy-bodies and weirdoes. I didn’t understand Twitter, yet after blogging with my friend for @tripility I decided to start tweeting and following people within the #gbdoc (I didn’t know what this referred to, but I now know that #doc is the Diabetic Online Community and #gbdoc doesn’t stand for the Good Bloods Diabetic Online Community!). I can now confirm that the #gbdoc is not full of crazy people, weirdoes or busy-bodies: in fact it is wonderful. Over the past few months I have been lucky enough to have some wonderful experiences that without straying into the land of Twitter I would never have had.

  1. PWDC2015 or the People with Diabetes Conference 2015 where I met @TheTeamBG, @Flipper and @LwSweetpea88. I had a wonderful time at this event and enjoyed meeting so many people who shared a common understanding of life with diabetes. Furthermore it gave me the opportunity to begin new friendships. Somehow within a couple of hours of meeting @LwSweetpea88 we were already organising a night out…!
  2. The Animas Sport Weekend 2015 – without Twitter I would never have known where to apply for the Animas Sport Weekend or who else was going to the weekend. Yet all of sudden a flurry of Tweets with the #ASW2015 hash tag began to populate Twitter. The weekend was fantastic and well worth going on – even if you hate sport. Meeting more like minded people who were so inspiring. Meeting Iron Men, endurance athletes and the friendliest people was wonderful. Made even better by “free” wine on the Saturday night. It is hard to describe how accepting, friendly and easy to chat to everyone was. Once again I met up with @LwSweetpea88…
  3. @LwSweetpea88 knows everyone… therefore a #DOC Birmingham night out was soon planned with @MM640G and @JaivirP. A wild night involving Gay Pride and Jagerbombs followed. Where the only person to have met everyone in the group in ‘real life’ was @LwSweetpea88. Yet somehow through the power of the #GBDOC it didn’t seem strange that we descended on @MM640G’s house and began a game of HeadsUp – which @LwSweetpea88 and I were terrible at. Truly terrible. Once again the shared diabetes meant that in the club everyone did a group blood sugar test. @LwSweetpea88 took on the role of force feeding Glucotabs to anyone who wanted one… Moreover it opened my eyes to how different everyone’s levels are. @JaivirP and I partied in the high teens whilst @MM640G kept it in range. Yet while @MM640G woke up high after a basal rate reduction, I woke up in range with no reduction. Proving once again there are no set rules for diabetes.

Now, it’s time to start planning for the next #GBDOC party / outing and I can’t wait. Fingers crossed for a day trip somewhere and maybe a few more #gbdoc members to join in the fun. Three cheers to the #GBDOC for introducing me to some truly wonderful people who without Twitter I would never have met. Also if I haven’t included your Twitter handle I am sorry, I have enjoyed meeting everyone and can’t wait for the #PWDC2016. Hopefully I will have recovered from #gbdoc Birmingham by the next meet up!

Mid-boogie testing. In order of highest to lowest @gfadventureer, @JaivirP, @LwSweetpea88 and @MM640G (obviously cheating using M640G!)

Mid-boogie testing. In order of highest to lowest @gfadventureer, @JaivirP, @LwSweetpea88 and @MM640G (obviously cheating using M640G!)